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Shawna Van Dyke




Doc, I feel like I just went through months of therapy listening to your interview and reading your blog. I can't afford your book today, and actually, I have been divorced for years, but I understand more about my tired reactions when I were in the middle of divorce. Today, probably a month ago I walked out of a long unsatisfying relationship that was stagnant and becoming more disagreeable with time. I really loved the guy but he couldn't give back to me what I felt I wanted so I moved on. I am giving him what I think he wanted taking into consideration his non-action. I feel good about it and you validated my feelings even though I wish like hell he would decide to come back because I am worth it! If he doesn't I know, because of your lessons that it is my job to be Happy. Luv, Mmnatura


I bought this book, bought his personal one on one therapy. He may have saved my life. I wanted my wife back in the worst way. After 20 days, I was out of my pain. Wife called me putting out feelers to meet and talk more, but I was so happy, I rejected the overture! Now, I'm with another woman in a healthy relationship. Did I stop my divorce? No. Do I care? No! Could I have stopped it? Yes, but Homer helped me see how happy I could be!

BUY THE BOOK!!! Then DO it, not just read it!

Angus MacDuff

So is this preparation for the rejectee to live without the relationship he or she wants , or is this really a method to revive the relationship? How do outside circumstances affect this program (his kids, her kids, complicated living arrangements, etc.)

Angus MacDuff

You're absolutely right. My previous comment still stands, but your are doing what I've tried to do for 40 yrs. practicing law. What is, is. We draw people to us by being what we are and loose our way trying to hold them. We can only keep them by giving them the freedom to be what they are. You teach that wonderfully. Don't know that it will get back my love, but I;ll live better knowing that she'll be happy (I hope.)

Lowell B

Thanks Homer, I brought your online book in 4 years ago in March 2008. Your book really works ... it's been working every since. For the people who says they can't afford it, tell them this book WORKS. Save your money borrow whatever it takes to buy the book. It was and is the best $80 I every spent on my marrige, forget flowers, notes, calls the book is where it is. When i talk to people I tell them i had marriage cousnlingby buying a book on line. Almost always they ask "does it work" and i always say the same thing. "Does it WORK, yes it does work, not only does it work for this one it works for the next 2 of them".And it does. This is how players work.

john hillman

your books is very expensive

Ben Higgs

amazing stuff you help me like no one has after 2 years being stuck on someone i finally was able to understand what i was going through.


Homer McDonald is an evil genius. That is book is expensive is the most ridiculous statement in the world. This book is so brilliant in it's strategy and strips away years of false beliefs that cause us to push our loved ones aways and then spend years in self loathing and regret .
Forget viagra, valium and years of psychotherapy. Buy the book and make yourself happy by dating others and working on yourself. Then if you are still thick headed like me, get personal counselling from Homer.
In five sessions he had me happy, undepressed and motivated enough to undertake a significant business expansion.
As to my desire to return to my rejecting mate ? Are you kidding ?
I am fabulous and am adored by several men all 1000 times better looking, richer and better educated than the low self esteem guy I thought was my soul mate. What Homer did was give me the tools to become independent and love myself. There is no price on that. Lest you think I don't know what I am talking about I am an MIT graduate a physician and counsel patients.
All the crap they taught us in medical school is bogus Freudian mumbo jumbo. 50 years of dealing with couples has taught Homer that we are screwed up human beings with warped emotional needs and if you can fulfill those needs by giving your partner their way without question their rational mind kicks in and only then can true connection and dialogue proceed. I have turned on several patients to Homer's book and all report
return of their mates although like myself, two decided to seek love elsewhere and rejected the returning mate. Good luck and like the Nike commercial says "just do it ! "


Ben Higgs, I have a question for you on this Homer guy, and since you are referring people to his book and system I thought you would be a good source for asking if the additional sessions with Homer are needed. I'm in a bad situation and divorce/hearings are now under way. I don't want this, it's ugly stuff. Let me know please


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